RSD 2023 Picks SMITHSTONIAN Mississippi Mud / Just Sitting 7″

FORMAT: 7″  (approx £14, tbc)
LABEL: Enterprise
THEY SAY: A deep, funk-fuelled Smithstonian double sider, straight outta Memphis. An eerie spiritual soul track ‘Mississippi Mud’ on the A side, paired with an equally low-slung funk number ‘Just Sitting’ on the B. The original changes hands for £250+…so buy or cry! Black label version original black sleeve.

WE SAY: What an absolute find, have you heard a more visceral bass line than that?  That bass has definitely influenced a few musicians / producers that come to mind, and if we’re not mistaken, birthed an entire genre in itself.  Wait ’til you hear the B-side, some depth plummeting, funky riffs on keys that wouldn’t be seen in the same room as an insanely inflated branded pencil.