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 amseroedd rhyfedd / strange times 


    SUN + MON     Closed 
    TUES – FRI      10 – 5:30 

  •  The shop is grateful to be open again for mail order, collections & enquiries,
    Please check back for updates to opening days / times as these are subject to change. 
  • All of our interactions with our customers are being handled from the shop door for the foreseeable future and we are very much enjoying seeing our customers once again, we have missed you! 
  • We do not foresee us opening the premises fully for browsing in the immediate future for a number of reasons, those being:
    * the high touch nature of music browsing and the inherent risk that brings to both ourselves and our valued customers. 
    * with new safety measures in place within the premises, the small size of our premises is not conducive for both efficient service and our / your safety.
    * that we are very much still in the midst of a worldwide pandemic which has very unpredictable effects on individuals with as yet very little known about the residual effects of contracting the virus. 
  • We are, above all, confident that we are able to offer the same great service that our customers expect with our adapted covid-safe measures and that by doing so we are playing our part in reducing the risk of transmission in the short and long run (though from experience there will always be one or two who don’t wish to meet us in the middle, and that is absolutely fine, different strokes for different folks, not least now) 

But if I can’t come in to the premises, how does it all work now? 

  • We recommend that you make contact with us on email and let us know what you’re after (and if applicable, when you need it by)
  • Don’t forget to specify format, it’s never a given!
    We sell as many CDs as we do LPs and some of our customers buy both!
  • Let us know if you’d prefer to collect from the shop OR have your order posted
    We post every day so it’s really no trouble, though there is naturally an additional charge, we don’t make a profit on the postage, but being a small independent dealing in low margin items we can’t absorb these in to our already competitive prices! 
  • We’ll get back to you with availability / prices. 
  • If you’re happy with the detail of the info provided, we take card payment on
    029 20 224905 and at this point you ring us at your convenience to complete the transaction.  We never keep your card details. 
  • You can of course pick up the phone and do the above via that mode, however where possible, we would appreciate keeping our phone lines as free as possible so that others can make payment with ease. 
  • You can of course play a wild card and rock up at the door with an enquiry, but we would advise that if you are able to, touching base in advance might save your time! 
  • Having tested the waters since we “re-not-fully-open-but-hey-new-normal-opened-with-what-we’re-comfortable-with-for -the-time-being”, we’re delighted to say that the new covid-19-systems are running smoothly and everyone has been a pleasure to help and most understanding to our desire not to invite too much risk while we try and keep doing what we love best. 


  • As ever, we are always very keen to order any items you may want that are not currently in stock with us at any given time, so there’s literally nothing you can’t ask about (PRO-TIP, if you’ve struggled to find something elsewhere OR it’s going for £1,000,000 on amazon, chances are it’s probably deleted / out of print, but hey, don’t ask, don’t get!)
  • Orders are flowing well, albeit a slight bit slower, relative to the volume of stock moving round our own systems. 
  • Suppliers are operating well, with lots of our reps working from home / reduced hours and there are naturally some communication hold ups in the chain at times.
  • The biggest pause to service is the availability of stock at suppliers especially with pre-orders and new releases, we urge you to get in touch as soon as you hear about an album you want as it can sometimes be a very arduous weeks and weeks wait between stock replenishment at warehouses, even for big name artists, and especially on vinyl (though more increasingly on CD). 


  • Since re-opening, we are pleased to say that we have been able to respond to the individual needs of our customers, based on their orders and circumstances. 
  • Our remit is to provide what you want, when you want, but it is important to us that we do this in the most efficient way. 
  • For some of our customers, that has meant they provide us with a credit payment in advance and then they send us requests as they have them. Some will want these posted an item at a time but we are keen to avoid this where possible and our recommendation would be to maximise the weight thresholds Royal Mail use for shipping. This saves you money order to order, and keeps a little pressure off the postal service. 

    For high volume purchasing customers, we simply keep hold of your items until the optimum shipping weight (for postage price paid) is reached and we ship then, notifying you when a package is on its way.
    Drop us a line with your wish lists if you’d like to take this up. 

  • But of course, we’re just as keen to pop one item in the post if that’s all you’re after, but if you’re after a stock item and a pre-order and don’t want to come in, we can accommodate some synchronicity here for you.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch. 
  • And of course, for those that are happy to venture in to see us, we are still able to hold items (as many as you wish!) for collection at your convenience, as usual!
    Though owing to the precarious times, we would ask that you make payment for your item(s), especially if you are not planning a visit for a while.
  • So all in all, we are happy to report that we are operating as usual, but with some nuances. 
  • May you and your loved ones all remain safe and healthy during this time.  And as ever, we appreciate every one of you.Please use the contact form below and feel most welcome to pick up the phone on 029 20 224905 should you need to. 
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