RSD 2019 List

Here is the list!!
RSD19 Releases PRINTABLE 28.02.19

As always we need your must haves and wants! Your feedback helps shape the enormous task of selecting the right things in the right quantities to keep you happy

Please feel free to DM us on twitter, email us, post on our special facebook page and come in and see us!

There’s a lot on offer (more every year, as always) so have your say and help us pick the right quantity of the big releases and help us not miss a thing!

We can’t wait to participate in another RSD and we are already putting our heads together behind the scenes to tweak and improve the running of the day, last year’s RSD was by far the biggest one yet (diolch 6 Music/Lauren Laverne!) but we do appreciate that it did impact on waiting times in the queue.

The great news is that we have decided to dedicate the upstairs shop floor to RSD stock which means that all customers will be able to see and browse the complete RSD offering  we have (without the frustration of watching the entire sleep deprived staff fall over themselves, each other and 1 million David Bowie records!)
There will be a maximum capacity at any given time but we really feel that letting you select your records will help speed up the shopping process and there will be loads more space for the stock to shine
As well as this we will have an additional card machine terminal which again can only speed up the process for our lovely (patient/tired/understanding) customers!

And let’s not forget the special RSD entertainment of which more news TBC… But already we can tell you RSD at Spillers is not a day to miss.

Side note – RSD is a huge financial gamble for all shops involved, yes it can be a great day (very much depending on what volume of “left overs” a shop is stuck with vs sales) but all stock ordered is firm sale to shops and non returnable and some orders are subject to massive cuts from order to allocation so we really can’t stress how valuable your feedback is to us!!