Record Store Day 2022

Record Store Day

RECORD STORE DAY Part 2: Saturday 18th June 2022

Spillers-Records-Confirmed-Stocklist-RSD-Part-2-June-18th-2022 Updated 10am 21.6.22

Further info about the releases can be found HERE 

RSD JUNE 18th info: 

Because of current manufacturing issues, a number of RSD titles previously scheduled for April 23rd automatically fall to a release date of June 18th.  These titles will be available on the same ‘first come, first served’ basis on June 18th and will not be available to pre-order before.


JUNE 18th OPENING TIMES:  The earliest we can open on RSD is 8am so that’s what we’ll be aiming for!
We will be open until at least 5pm.

JUNE 18th QUEUE:  if you’re here before the Arcade open (around 7am) then the queue begins on Baker’s Row (near Metros nightclub). Once the Arcades open this then moves into Arcades from the shop entrance.

JUNE 18th STOCK:  As usual, our stock will be organised behind the counter, so all you need to do is come to the counter and let us know what you’re after.
If you’re after a few titles it’s a good idea to bring a (clear & neat!) list of these ready to give us, but we’ll have lots of pens & paper if you forget.
This helps us line your orders up as you wait making service quicker for everyone.

JUNE 18th RULES:  For this part of RSD, all items are available on a first come first served, over the counter only (i.e NO reservations allowed) basis from 8am Saturday 18th June until 8pm on Monday 20th June, from which time mailorder and online sales are permitted.

We will keep our stock list of remaining titles updated on a daily basis at the end of each day.  Good luck!

CASH / CARD / GIFT VOUCHERS:  All of these are fine on the day.

Here’s a delightful film of Joey Santiago and David Lovering in Spillers chatting about their special Pixies RSD release